About Us

  • BAALYA Foundation is a Registered Non-profitable organization (NGO) visualized in the year 2009 basically for Children

  • People in the group are highly motivated and committed

  • We focus on filling the missing zest and constantly trying to improve the lives of the not-so-fortunate children from all walks of life

Our Team


  • Nagaraj S - President & Founder

(Ph: 99022 85220)

  • Narayan HP - Vice President & Founder

(Ph: 98458 76769)

  • Kiran Kalaiah - Treasurer

(For Donation Contact: 99721 93673 )

  • Srinidhi BG - Secretary

(Program co-ordinator: 90086 46241)


  • Channakeshava C

  • Gautam Kumar

  • Hemanth Kumar

  • Hemanjali A M

  • Hemanth Bhupa

  • Kari Gowda

  • Manjula MS

  • Mahesha Gouda Somappa

  • Mahesh Hegde

  • Naveen Kumar R O

  • Nagabhushan Krishnappa

  • Pavithra

  • Rakesh D N

  • Sahana S

  • Surekha

  • Shivaram MN

  • Sunitha HM

  • Vijay Kumar S

  • Venkatesh Kathavate

Our Joint short-term and long-term plans

  • Baalya Team is focusing more on educating the children.

  • Establish teaching centres zonally in rural areas along with help of local teachers/ interested educated volunteers.

  • Establishing some regular scholarship programs

  • Donating educational kits every year to students

  • Establishing small scale mobile science and technology labs in the schools to train students, by selecting different schools every year

  • In another 10 years Baalya intends to come up with Education Institutes to support poor children

  • Adopting and developing a rural school

Expected funding and utilization

  • Emphasise will be given more on education by setting up Computer labs

  • Emphasise will be given on buying video tutorials and own a mobile video tutorial centre

  • Educate parents to send their children to school by donating school kits like Books, bags, clothes etc

  • Encouraging schools to support girl child by having basic amenities such as toilets & toiletries, wash rooms and clean environments around the school

  • Conducting more summer camps (Olavu) and donate special purpose kits like drawing, painting and science kits

How we will be in touch with needy people

  • Networking is a key in knowing the requirements of various organizations

  • Tie-up with other NGO's to study the requirements

  • Getting first-hand information by visiting the place where we conduct programs, this has been the Baalya’s approach so far

How we track each program effectiveness / progress

  • Conducting education based programmes like Dikku, Arivu by revisiting the same schools periodically to know the growth

  • Tracking results of the institute where programs were conducted

  • Carrying out pre and post program effectiveness survey

Why Baalya foundation has not recruited any dedicated person

  • Baalya foundation is started and driven by group of people who wanted to do something for the society and we are successful with this approach so far

  • Other than core team we have volunteers joining us for every program. We have a database for volunteers

  • Baalya foundation is nether an institute nor an orphanage where the necessity of staffing is required

  • We are group of individuals who have the passion to serve, so far the need of dedicated staffing has not come

  • If the need arrives Baalya foundation is ready to have a dedicated staff