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On September 1st 2012, the first classroom teaching program was organized by Baalya. In a rural school very close to Electronic city of Bangalore, in a place called Hennagara, a very enthusiastic group of kananda medium school children got together to learn something new. 

A team of four members from Baalya conducted presentations about Motorcycles, Heat Engines, Planet earth and a movie screening on Fighter aircrafts of India and of the world. All presentations were made in kannada and were received very well by the students. Stressing the importance of the role that mother tongue can play in good quality education, it could also bring out original ideas and thinking from the children who represent the future of the nation. 

One more Arivu program organized on December 8th 2012 in the same school of Hennagara, Anekal.
Topics presented :
1. Rockets and Satellites
2. Fun with Science experiments